CHARPENTIER Marc-Antoine Répons de la Semaine Sainte


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In Charpentier’s Mélanges, the Neuf répons pour le Mercredi saint (H.111-119) are found after the Neuf leçons de Ténèbres (H.96-110). These two cycles were probably composed for the Abbaye-aux-Bois jansenist convent around 1680. Indeed, the Mercure gallant from April 1680 tells that the Tenebrae music “one heard at the Sainte-Chapelle was from Mrs. Chaperon, la Lande and Lalouette; and at the Abbaye-aux-Bois from Mr. Charpentier” 1. Moreover, Charpentier indicates on his score the name of the three singers: Mère Sainte-Cæcile, Mère Camille and Mère Desnots. The latter – whose name was Élisabeth Desnots – appears on notarial deeds signed by the nuns of Abbaye-aux-Bois in 1672 and 1685 2. Charpentier does not mention the nun’s names in the responsories manuscript but “the one who sung the first lesson” or “the one who sung the second lesson”. On the other hand, Charpentier writes at the end of the responsories for the Wednesday cycle: “I did not finish the other eighteen responses because of the change of breviary”. These changes were decided by the archbishop Monseigneur de Harlay, occured in 1680 and significantly altered the text of the Tenebrae responsories.

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Les mélanges latins


CHARPENTIER, Marc-Antoine (1643-1704)


CORP, Christophe


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