Philippe Raynaud

Philippe Raynaud studied with Michel Decoust and received the encouragement of Henri Dutilleux. His approach to composition is essentially guided by his passion for the acoustic phenomenon. He has always been receptive to painting and poetry.

Valuing his musical independence, Philippe Raynaud does not belong to any “school”. His works, resolutely contemporary in inspiration, are characterised above all by fluidity and strength, conveyed by a refined and subtly lyrical style. 

His catalogue consists for the most part of vocal works, chamber compositions, pieces for solo instruments, and electroacoustic music. He has also written several works for early instruments.

He has composed ballet music for choreographers Odile Azagury, Gilka Beclu-Geoffray and Isabelle Marion, and is the author of an opera-ballet, Le géant égoïste, for solo bass voice, vocal trio, children’s choir, and percussion, to a libretto by Olivier Schneebeli based on Oscar Wilde’s story The Selfish Giant. Philippe Nahon conducted the première in Paris.

Philippe Raynaud worked on many occasions with Andrée Chédid (1920-2011), and set some of her poetry
to music.


Chemins de vie
Sur l’épaule
Terre de contrastes
Vies nocturnes